A new website being launched with the intention to become an inspirational ethnobotanical and herbal resource for the British Isles  - sounds big, but we’re starting small !

The quest of Earthwise Herbal is to ...

Share, educate and explore freely all things herbal.

Catalyse creativity and empower individuals and communities to reclaim the natural rights to grow, use and learn about herbs as medicine, food, craft and culture.

Celebrate and champion the humble weeds of the British Isles; revealing their safe, effective and potential properties as our native ‘superfoods’.

Inspire and enrich life through the simplicity and awesome intelligence of Nature; connecting people with their green surroundings and seasonal rhythms; to become fascinated by the stories and myths in the landscape all around us.
As a brief and beginning summary the site will include...

Herbal /Green Events - a section for herbal activities around the UK.  This is the place to find out about herbal workshops, walks, talks and events.  This section will also include 'Planted Projects' where we bring news of exciting herbal initiatives and a way to garner interest and support.
Library - with guest articles, book reviews, featured products and resources;  
Learning -  featuring high quality herbal courses; apprenticships; distance learning and diploma certificates
Apothecary - with recipe downloads, guest video tutorials and interviews;
Grassroot Herbals - hedgerow, garden and kitchen with seasonal in depth monographs and images
Campaigns - highlighting the vital relationship between people and plants:  plus an exhibition and educational resource on re-instating the Nettle as one of our native super plants

This blog will specifically feature herbal adventures and seasonal recipes, meet the herbalist, apothecary and healing gardens, herbal history and traditions, herbal heroes, folk medicine, myth and mystery, poison plants, biodynamics, alchemical medicines and spagyrics....

We would love to hear about the healing plants you love, your herbal stories and wild food adventures so we will be offering a guest blogger slot on a regular basis, plus the opportunity to support Earthwise Herbal through advertising space, featured links, and herbal giveways.

Herbal Blessings!