The Earthwise Herbalist

I have always been enchanted by plants.  Memories of making grape hyacinth perfume and offering it to passing neighbours, or making questionable looking ‘potions’ and making my younger brother drink them (sorry Tim!) , or having a conversation with a Cedar tree are part of a vivid inner and outer life I have shared with plants and trees since I was a child. 

I qualified as a medical herbalist in 2001 with a BSc (Hons) Herb. Med. degree from the University of Central Lancashire.  Then established a clinical consultancy for six years, with additional training in flower essence therapy, whilst teaching workshops, guiding walks, writing articles and doing radio slots all about herbs.  As I learnt and practised, I began to develop my own way of working with the plants and the people.  Over the years I have developed a deeper and more special interest in UK ethnobotany; biodynamics and plant phenomenology; spagyrics (alchemical medicines); the poison plants; and plants and trees in mythology, folklore and the mystery traditions. 

My personal quest is to share my passion for wild plants, and how even the simple of act of being in the green kingdom is healing medicine in itself.
I hope you enjoy this site; find it worthy of reference and use. I hope you find a project or event to attend, a recipe to experiment with and perhaps a way to contribute.  My dearest wish is that Earthwise Herbal becomes one of a central resource for qualified herbalists and home herbalists alike.